Words can’t even describe the impact that Alex has had on myself and my business! From mentoring and giving me the push that I needed to trust myself, to knowing my business and what key steps to take - her enthusiasm in each approach is so inspiring! She has a proven in depth knowledge of not only marketing and branding, but the gift of inspiring the inner potential to believe that anything is possible! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough to anyone, no matter what stage in business or life. Thank you, Alex.
— Hayley Worley (The Sheet Society)
Thank you again for a wonderful day. I am so thrilled I came and can’t believe how much I got out of it!
— Alison Tierney (Quality Wool & Livestock)
Alex’s Marketing Workshop enabled me to clarify my brands positioning and importantly distilled the answer to ‘Why’ the business does what it does. A great deal of poignant and challenging marketing content was presented clearly and discussed in relatable context. Workshopping our own business’s as examples further helped establish procedural framework for ongoing marketing success. I would highly recommend Alex’s Workshop to anyone who wants to run a more prosperous business.
— Craig Jackett (Jackett)
Inspiring day spent with inspiring individuals who are all working to achieve their WHY’s. A way to challenge our thinking in a supportive & trusted environment. A great day led by a great thinker. Thanks Alex.
— Catherine Sitch, BT Financial
I attended the Marketing Workshop with Alexandra Andre not really sure if I would get what I needed from it. As a one person Professional Speaking business owner I was struggling with my branding and how to get myself out there in the market place. Well in one day Alexandra changed my way of thinking and gave me the tools to do exactly what I want to do. The support on the day was incredible as well as the support post seminar. If you have ever doubted yourself with your marketing prowess then this is the course for you!
— Carol Cooke AM (World Champ, Australian Paralympian)
Thank you for your very kind blog. I appreciate greatly how sharing my story reached and resonated with you.
— Anna Meares OAM (World Champ)
If you own a business & feeling in a bit of a rut, you’re overwhelmed with too much to do & you’re not sure how to close in on your vision, or need some marketing advice & ideas.. or all of the above, Alex is your girl. We utilised Alex to help us plan for our business’ future & it helped us immensely. We formulated strategies, were introduced to new tools to help & had the benefit of someone from the outside look in with a different perspective. It was well worth it for us. Grab her now before she gets too busy!
— Simone Kain (George the Farmer)
After 16 years of web design I have finally articulated why I do what I do and it has given me more focus, direction and excitement towards building the business. Plus there were muffins, so everyone’s a winner!
— Owen Boland (Playground Multimedia)
Starting up your own business is incredibly liberating, its also incredibly challenging. There are always so many things you have to get done, you are constantly working ‘in’ your business. You might know all the things you need to do in order to be successful but you don’t make it a priority because you’re too busy running your business. This workshop is about taking the time out to work ‘on’ your business. Alex gives you the blue print, all you need to do is fill in the blanks. She also shares her 20 years of marketing expertise, her energy, enthusiasm and support. Being with other small business people is also brilliant for sharing ideas and experiences.
— Nicole (Founder, Empower Yoga & Mindfulness - Black Rock)
Alex and her team were invaluable in helping me with the business. To see that it’s not just about the products I sell, but how I’m doing it - that has helped build success and improve on it. Best money I’ve spent.
— Michael Stangherlin (Founder, Multibrand Diagnostic Solutions)
Alex has named her business perfectly. Marketing energy is exactly what she gave me. After running my own business for 6 years, there is always a list of a million ideas, and another million ways to procrastinate about doing them. She gave me most importantly motivation. And also suggested new concepts, created deadlines, action plans, calendars, organisation and overall just made things happen. She reads any situation perfectly and can sit back and balance the corporate vision against creative and offer educated, informed and intelligent feedback with the end game in sight of building sales which is exactly what all small business owners want. I have got exactly what I needed and more, and look forward to working more with her in more depth in the near future.
— Belinda Watson (Founder & Designer, Binnywear)
We’ve really enjoyed working with you and have appreciated your patience and understanding as we’ve worked to define the path for moving forward. Amidst a great deal of change and transformation, which doesn’t always feel comfortable, you have helped us come through this with renewed energy and a stronger sense of direction and purpose. Really happy to have met you through this process and looking forward to the next phase of Ozi.
— Josh & Michelle (Directors, Ozicater)
As a small business in it’s infancy, our resources are focused on the day to day operations of the business. We are so busy with working in the business! We decided to engage Alex after 6 months of operation, to run a full day workshop with the company Directors. We wanted to take some time to work on the business, reflect on the journey so far and make sure everyone shared the same vision for the future.
We’re so glad we invested the time and finances in the work Alex did with us. We walked away with an appreciation for each other, our business and a game plan to make the most out of the up-coming peak season. Financially this was a big commitment for us, however we’re confident this investment will more than pay for itself.
— Josh & Michelle (Directors, No. 4 Cafe Robe)
During Alex’s time at BP she was an outstanding Manager for the Company. Excellent all round marketing knowledge, great with people and her natural enthusiasm and energy made a real difference to the team’s performance.
— Keith Davies (VP Strategic Co-operatios, BP)
I really enjoyed working with Alex at Edible Blooms. Alex was my key point of contact and we ran many successful search marketing campaigns working with her and her team. I was particularly impressed with Alex’s drive and determination - exactly the type of people I like to work with - those who are not afraid to experiment and think outside the box. I was very excited to hear of Alex’s latest venture ‘Marketing Energizers’ - I feel this is the perfect fit for Alex and her clients will quickly see the benefits and rewards of her passion for marketing. I am definitely looking forward to working with Alex more in the future.
— Dan Butcher (Managing Director, Return On Interest)
In my initial meeting with Alex I left feeling inspired and open to abundance for my message/business! So I couldn’t wait to meet with Alex for our brainstorm session and open up the funnel for new business. It’s clear Alex is passionate about what she does and LOVES to help others tap into their potential.
I loved our session - I left with great ideas and trust in my own expertise. I also have a great pool of ideas to work on and a clear focus on what to start first! I have a lot to go away and work with and already can’t wait to meet Alex again!
When I team up with Alex I feel business is fun, inspiring and has infinite possibility!
— Erin Doherty (Teacher & Founder, Varnah Yoga)
Alex’s passion for what she does was so evident throughout the workshop she facilitated. She managed to drag information out of me that I had been previously unable to articulate or clearly define and by the end I had absolute clarity around where I wanted to take the business and what I needed to do to get there.
— April Colina, Alphabet Australia (BMW Finance)
The Marketing Workshop was time so well spent!! Alex created a welcoming and relaxed environment, perfect for learning all the fundamentals of an effective marketing strategy. We all walked away with a bunch of practical marketing tools and a bucket load of inspiration.
— Dimity Gannon
Working with Alex to create our Brand Platform has been one of the most worthwhile exercises we have done! It helped define who we were and how we wanted others to see our business. But just as important, it has become an indispensable tool in our daily work. So often I find myself pulling it out to review before I draft letters and prepare marketing materials. It keeps us on track and true to our message and values.
— Julie McMahon (Jack+Jules)
The connection with Alex was immediate. Our regular Marketing Coaching sessions are always productive. Alex ensures we are working ON our business, not just IN it. Her regular input is invaluable to our business growth.
— Jo Bowden (Run Ready)
Alex expertly shared her marketing expertise and knowledge in an structured, open and relatable. The whole day did not feel like a typical training course, but a really positive, engaging conversations. A true testament to the passion she has for marketing and her willingness to listen, and help others fulfil their potential. One of the best training courses I have ever been on.
— Pete Lockyer
I could not recommend highly enough Alex’s marketing workshop. If you have a small business and need some knowledge, direction and inspiration to take your business to the next level this course will tick all of the boxes. Alex has a wealth of experience to share and genuinely wants people to succeed. This one-day workshop definitely exceeded my expectations.
— Rebecca Schuh (Founder, Sweet Mango Consulting)
I would highly recommend anyone looking to crystalize their marketing/brand message to engage with Alex. Even though I come from a marketing background myself, I fell into that trap everyone does when so heavily involved in their business - you cannot see clearly sometimes. Alex really helped to translate what I was trying to say, evolving the messaging and taking it to the next level. The result has been sensational - my audience loves the brand and what we stand for. We couldn’t have achieved it so clearly without Alex’s insights and talents. Impossible to measure that dollar value, but it’s truly, absolutely, a worthwhile exercise.
— Dan Butcher (Founder, Airsack)
By engaging Alex from Marketing Energizers not only did we get a great new brand for our company but she also gave us the tools and coaching to ensure that we were able to overhaul all our internal and external processes and collateral.
Alex was responsive and supportive to ensure that we stayed focused on achieving the best outcome for Apricot Consulting.
— Adrian Panozzo (CEO Asia & Australia, Apricot Consulting)
Working with Alex has taken us from a small start-up trying to figure out our next move to a working business with focus and drive. Alex has coached us to understand more clearly what we were about and how to move that image forward; working with her on our Brand Platform was especially helpful to our long-term marketing efforts. Her positive attitude, insightful vision and ability to identify and break down our goals into achievable tasks have been invaluable to us. She is creative, energetic and an amazing motivator. Bringing Alex and Marketing Energizers on board early on has been one of the best investments we have made for our business.
— Jackie & Julie (Founders, Jack+Jules)
It has been both a privilege and pleasure to work closely with Alex over the last 2 years. During this time I have seen Alex commit to and achieve many amazing goals with courage, tenacity, enthusiasm and composure. It has been a joy to watch Alex meet challenges with an openness and a genuine willingness to learn and grow from every experience, ensuring that she is continually striving to be the best she can be. Alex leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that her utmost potential is reached. What is perhaps most admirable however, is the inspiration she brings to those around her. It is almost impossible not to feel motivated and energised simply by being around her and sharing in her passionate and whole-hearted approach to life. Alex has been an invaluable help to me in feeling inspired, energised and passionate about what I do.
— Belinda Morris (Founder, Well Mind Well Body)
Alex worked as a key executive for Edible Blooms, and our associated family of brands, for 4.5 years. I highly commend her expertise and passion for customer experience and the development of our brand. She implemented our NPS system which is a fantastic tool to measure our customer engagement and lifetime value to our business. Our current branding is also credited to Alex and we love the fresh look that the re-brand gave to our growing business. Alex is highly energetic and passionate about all projects that she engages with and I love seeing her take a big step forward with Marketing Energizers!
— Kelly Baker-Jamieson (Managing Director, Edible Blooms)
We did it Al! I had to get you to the $10k! What an achievement. I am so proud of you and so thankful for what you have done for Myeloma, Mads’ memory and the strength you have given to Ollie and me to keep going without our beloved Mads XXX
— Emma Hansen (Ironman for IronMads - Everyday Hero)
Having associated with Alex on a professional basis for the past 15 months, I have no hesitation in recommending her for her skill and creativity in helping to define your “brand”. She is highly perceptive, understanding of her clients needs and positions, and has a genuine interest in seeing her clients grow both personally and professionally. With her attention to detail, her investment in her clients, and her knowledge of her field, I have found that she has helped me to redefine how I saw myself, and challenged me to grow myself and my business.
— Warwick Latta (Founder, Aligned Therapies)
Alex was my manager for 3.5 years, but more than that I also felt that she is a friend and confidante.
I have always struggled with anxiety and depression and have never been able to push myself too far without hitting breaking point. Under Alex’s friendly and genuine managing style I was able to progress my career very quickly from Admin Assistant, to Marketing Assistant and now Relationship Manager in the business I work for. Because she is genuinely interested in making a difference in peoples’ lives, Alex gives the tools and motivation needed to grow with empathy and care. Her profound understanding of marketing practices translates to great detailed instructions and enables her to explain the what and why a process or an idea is worth pursuing. I could go on for days about how wonderful Alex is, but I suggest you touch base with her to see how she can help make a difference in your organisation.
— Tanami Kaye (Relationship Manager, Edible Blooms)