Bringing your Success Strategy to life...

What is it?

Ongoing 'Energizing' to help bring your Success Strategy to life.

I often find businesses, left to their own devices, might not actually implement a plan... so this program is all about 'action' and 'momentum'.

Working in quarterly blocks on a monthly basis, helping with some of the following:

  • Guidance (support & advice to help project manage implementation)
  • Check ins (to keep you on track & adjust the plan as we go)
  • Expertise (access to knowledge, experience, tools, templates & contacts)

Two levels of support are available - Base and Premium - once we develop your Success Strategy we'll be able to assess the most appropriate level of support you might need.

Depending on which level you opt for - you can consider me your Marketing Director, on the sidelines helping drive your growth - without the investment of a full time resource. We'll have a very specifically choreographed plan... and I'll be bringing in various tools and templates along the way to get the best results! Support can be a mix of scheduled coaching sessions throughout the year - as well as support as and when you need it!

What's the process we'll go through?

We'll be using your Brand Blueprint and Success Strategy as solid bases to get things moving!

Depending on the type of plan you go for, we'll have scheduled coaching sessions (face to face, skype, or phone calls) to review how things are going, make any refinements to the plan and get things actioned!

At the end of the coaching block we'll have a review session to look at what worked, what didn't and what you can learn from this to build into your strategy over the next period.

What value will I get from it?

The level of value increases!
By spending time together - I'll be able to get to know your business almost as well as you do! So the value I'll be able to add will naturally increase.

Review to refine...
We'll be constantly reviewing where things are at - what's working and what's not. And it's from this basis we'll work out any refinements to the plan moving forwards. As Albert Einstein once said - 'insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result' - so we'll sure we don't do this ;)

Keeping up the momentum!
This is something often under-valued... if I gave you a 12-month plan to action, then left you to your own devices, you might be a ok... but I'd say there's a high chance of it dropping off the radar - as you get busy working 'in' your business. But with me in your corner and our regular catch ups - I'll be sure we keep up the momentum!

Building your capability to self sustain ongoing...
I'll be working hard to share as much as I can with you, to set you up to self sustain moving forwards. Although I'd love to be working with you forever - and that is certainly an option... my goal is really to build knowledge and capability within your business, so you are able to keep things moving beyond the time we spend together.

Individual session also available

Individual Energizing sessions are also available - either face to face or over skype. Maybe you've got a goal in mind but no idea how to get there? I can help you give it your best shot - be it a marathon or a career dream.

Get in touch to find out more about Energizing Sessions