A Brand Blueprint for your business...

What is it?

The Blueprint is exactly that... it's literally a blueprint for your business! It will bring together all the essential elements of your business to help base pretty much everything you do on!

It will cover your brand insight, purpose, customer segments, values, vision, core offering, USP, proof points & messaging.

From my 20+ years Marketing / Leadership experience I've developed a model - the Holistic Marketing Approach (pictured below), and we'll use most of these areas to build your Brand Blueprint.




What's the process we'll go through?

I'll spend some time getting to know more about you and your business, then I'll take you through the paces in a 3 hour Workshop Session. We'll paint the walls with butchers paper! Then I'll digest everything and work my magic to produce a draft of your Brand Blueprint.

We'll then review it, so we can make any final touches before giving it the golden stamp of approval!

The next stage we would generally move onto is developing a Success Strategy, when we get focused on your goals and how to reach them, but the Brand Blueprint can very much be a stand alone piece of work as well.

What value will I get from it?

The process in itself...
This will help get you clear on what your business is all about and why you started it in the first place. This might sound basic - but I find it's often one thing that really holds businesses back! If you're not clear on these things, it can be a little challenging explaining them to others... particularly as you grow!

Save time...
Once you've done the work - you'll be able to refer back to this Brand Blueprint time and time again. When you need to explain who your key customers are, explain what makes your business unique, or even write a little blurb on your business... you'll have it all at your finger tips! You'll be able to draw on all this key info time and time again!

Keep on track!
Keep your brand purpose, core customers, your proof points, your values and your 'pitch' - all top of mind! Without them - it's easier to get off track... But you'll be able to easily reference them any time (even having it on the wall by your desk) will make it pretty easy to keep them top of mind!

But don't just take my word for it...
Let's make a start on your Brand Blueprint, and see the value for yourself!