'Energizing potential in people and businesses
- specialising in those falling short of where they could be'



A blueprint for your brand - covering your brand insight, purpose, customer segments, values, vision, core offering, USP, proof points & messaging - to be used as a blueprint in communicating your brand across every touchpoint!


Assessing where you're at now we'll develop a 'Success Strategy' to get you to where you want to go! We'll work on your objectives, SWOT analysis, core strategies, initiatives, customer touchpoints, lead pipeline, identify handbrakes - & anything in between!


I can help keep you energized - offering marketing/business guidance & support, an expert on the sidelines to keep you on track. Facilitation of team days are also available.
Individual sessions can help energize you for any kind of goal!


Brands I've had the pleasure of working with



Alex’s passion for what she does was so evident throughout the workshop she facilitated. She managed to drag information out of me that I had been previously unable to articulate or clearly define and by the end I had absolute clarity around where I wanted to take the business and what I needed to do to get there.
— April Colina (Alphabet Australia - BMW Finance)
I would highly recommend anyone looking to crystalize their marketing/brand message to engage with Alex. The result has been sensational - my audience loves the brand and what we stand for. Impossible to measure that dollar value, but it’s truly, absolutely, a worthwhile exercise.
— Dan Butcher (Airsack)
The connection with Alex was immediate. Our regular Marketing Coaching sessions are always productive. Alex ensures we are working ON our business, not just IN it. Her regular input is invaluable to our business growth.
— Jo Bowden (Run Ready)
Alex named her business perfectly. Marketing energy is exactly what she gave me. After running my own business for 6 years, there is always a list of a million ideas, and another million ways to procrastinate about doing them. She gave me most importantly motivation. She reads any situation perfectly and can sit back and balance the corporate vision against creative and offer educated, informed and intelligent feedback with the end game in sight of building sales which is exactly what all small business owners want. I have got exactly what I needed and more.
— Binny Watson (Binnywear)

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